Fogel & Partners and Levels launch LDC – delivering next-generation products for digital corporate communication

APRIL 28, 2021


Fogel & Partners, the leading Nordic strategic communication advisor, have joined forces with digital products and services design company Levels, in the making of our brainchild LDC.

LDC, an independent company delivering creative products for digital corporate communication, is today being launched in the Nordics.

The landscape of corporate communication is rapidly changing, placing higher demands on companies and their stakeholders. The idea behind LDC emerged from identifying the strong need for a new breed of efficient digital communication products and solutions. By combining Fogel & Partners’ and Levels’ extensive knowledge within corporate communications and digital product development, LDC was born.

LDC’s mission is to deliver the next-generation products and solutions allowing for companies to efficiently target stakeholders. LDC is achieving this through the development of our next-generation digital platform with scalable, open-source based technologies and in-memory databases. This creates a foundation to deliver products across multiple domains to a variety of stakeholders.

By utilizing the latest tools, technologies and thinking from the start-up and tech scenes, LDC ensures products that are fit and easily adapted for their purpose over time. The current pre-configured packages include a range of web products with fully responsive designs that work across every channel and device. As a natural extension of this, LDC is also in the process of developing brand new and innovative products.

Anders Fogel, founding partner of Fogel & Partners, comments: “By teaming up with Levels, we combine our expertise within corporate communication with state-of the-art digital product development competencies and thus create a multifaceted partner with deep understanding of customer needs. Through LDC, we will help companies navigate the new landscape of corporate communication as well as lead the way for further innovation”.

“During the process of developing LDC’s product offering, we have focused on key features enabled by agile digital solutions, such as usability, efficiency and reliability, based on thorough analysis of customer needs. By combining state of the art tech with innovative design solutions, each product is tailor-made for specific client needs”, says Per Spångberg, founder of Levels Group.

“LDC facilitates the digital corporate communication transformation by offering innovative yet easy-to-handle products for our clients. To me that is both meaningful and exciting. I look forward, together with our team of engineers, creatives and strategists, to support the corporate community through the ever-changing digital landscape”, says Joakim Nilehn, CEO of LDC.

For more information, please contact:

Joakim Nilehn, CEO LDC, Phone: +46 731 45 49 52

About LDC

LDC is an independent product company delivering creative technology for digital corporate communication. LDC’s mission is to deliver the next-generation products and solutions for corporate stakeholders. The company was founded in 2021 in Stockholm. For more information, visit

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About Levels Group

Levels create, grow, and invest in digital products and services by pursuing brilliant ideas and turning opportunities into game-changing businesses. This involves helping start-ups, scale-ups and large corporates in the areas of innovation and digital transformation. For more information, visit